Breaking Up, Breaking Down, Breaking Free

Breaking Free

August 10, 2015. Two years ago today I was leaving for the greatest adventure of my life. That day marked my breaking free from abuse and heavy-heartedness into a meaningful, joyful, wholehearted life!

It was a beautiful winter day and my mom and dad brought me to the Sao Paulo International Airport. I remember my mom crying and saying she was worried. I asked ‘why’, since this was not the first time I was leaving.

She said, “yes, but this time you’re traveling much further, you’re going to India alone! And I don’t even know if you’re really coming back in 4 months like you say”.

She was right. It was the furthest, craziest adventure I had ever been on and as a matter of fact, I didn’t come back after 4 months. Actually, it’s been two years and I’m still on the road.

But when I left on the 10th of August 2015, my plan was to travel around New Zealand, go to a meditation event in Australia, visit Thailand, and realize my biggest dream of traveling around and studying Yoga in India!

I knew 4 months was too short for traveling to so many places, but it was what my budget allowed me to do.

Honestly, I just wanted to leave, explore, and experience something new. I needed a break from what I had lived and who I had been. In fact, I wanted to find out who I truly was and who I wanted to be.

Because I suddenly found myself completely lost.

Exuberant nature and the friendliest people: New Zealand is absolutely astonishing! It was the best choice for the first stop of my journey!

Breaking Down

I think most of the big adventures people go on start as an attempt to escape from some uncomfortable, painful situation. Fair enough, I can’t think of a better remedy than traveling!

In my case, I was facing a break-up from a long-term, turbulent relationship. And I suddenly found myself single, unemployed and with no future plans. F**king scary.

But it was also the best opportunity to go on this big expedition and visit those places that had always been on my bucket list (and that sometimes I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to visit, because I was so stuck in my relationship).

It was a really hard breakup process. I remember really harsh things being said to me. With my heart torn into pieces, I felt weak, humiliated, furious, sad and lonely. I cried a lot, for days.

3 weeks in Australia was definitely too short, but the best remedy for a broken heart: astounding views, inspiring events and amazing people!

Breaking Up

One day I decided to leave. And after I took that decision, I just felt like I was being guided by some external force, much stronger than me. It wasn’t hard to grab the few most important things that could fit in one bag. I felt this overwhelming force inside of me almost dragging me out of that place.

I felt like the Universe had heard my call and was telling me, “keep calm and follow your heart. It will take you in the right direction. I have your back. Now go, gorgeous! Your best life is about to begin!”

I went to the front gate and took no key with me. The door banged behind me and I knew I was never coming back.

Two months later I was hopping on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand, the first stop of my big adventure.

When I hopped on that plane, I felt completely empty. But I trusted that this trip would fulfill that emptiness with memorable experiences like never before. I believed with all my heart it would be an amazing, healing, and empowering process. So I was not afraid.

In Thailand I felt strong, beautiful and in control of my life. It was also in Thailand that I fell in love.

Breaking Away

I went to New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, then back to Australia and New Zealand. Indeed, I never came back from that trip.

I went back to my parents house to visit them for a couple of months, with my partner, that I met during my travels. We visited family and friends, traveled around a bit and left again for our next adventures around the world. Back to New Zealand, then to Spain, and now we live in Germany.

This journey changed my life completely. It brought me uncountable blessings in the form of inspiring ideas, strength and love. It gave a chance to start again.

On the road I found out who Ana Terra was and I fell in love with her for the first time.

Taj Mahal India
By the time I got to India, I was a different person. I had fallen in love with life again!

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