Hi, I’m Ana Terra and I’m passionate about traveling.

I can also be occasionally identified as an environmental engineer, yoga teacher, dancer, nature-lover, vegetarian, tree-hugger, Brazilian, feminist, writer, cancerian, dreamer, funny, dramatic, adventurous woman.

I’ve had some crazy adventures all around the world mostly on my own and I strongly believe that traveling facilitates female empowerment.

In this blog I intend to share my experience accumulated over 28 years of traveling across 37 countries, most of which on my own.

But I’ve also traveled in groups, with strangers, with friends, and as a couple. I went to top tourist destinations and also to remote and exclusive places. I’ve stayed in some cities for a few hours and in others for years. I slept under the open sky, in campgrounds, hostels and luxurious hotels and I’ve done a lot of couchsurfing too. I’ve traveled by bike, car, bus, train, plane and ship…

By sharing my experiences and knowledge, I want to stimulate people to go out there and explore. To face their fears of the unknown and live awesome, unforgettable experiences.

I want to show that traveling doesn’t have to be as difficult, expensive, and time-consuming as you might think. But it can certainly be more life-changing than you imagine!

Traveling can bring you power, freedom and happiness. It can bring you love – first and foremost love for yourself, and maybe even the love of your life, as it happened to me 🙂

Through traveling I’ve  met the most amazing people! But the greatest gift it has given me was a better understanding of myself. And isn’t self-knowledge the ultimate quest of humankind?